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Dental Office

PC Solutions provided complete networking, computers, workstations and infrastructure for the complete remodeling of the dental practice of Dr. Fred Slete.

Notice no hanging cables and no visible equipment, we utilize high end mounts to achieve this clean, streamlined look. This is the level of quality you can expect from PC Solutions.

Orthopaedic Surgical Practice

A complete from the ground up project, PC Solutions provided complete support and design for all computer and video needs for the practice.  During construction, PC Solutions handled the back end with the installation of all cabling and networking.  The practice operates smoothly with state of the art workstations and video displays.

Squeezing into the tight spaces is all part of network cabling

Notice the difference of the gray and blue cable run by PC Solutions, installed with hangers and well secured. Red cable seen in the photo was done by the “other guys” the cable was left against sharp edges which can lead to future problems. It’s unorganized and sloppy.

Cable installs are done to include extra service loops in case there is future need for equipment relocation, this way longer cable is already in place. Cable is also kept well secured with proper hangers to keep everything tidy and out of the way of the other trades

Here is an example of a clean phone system installation. Cables are labeled and marked to match the building wall plates, making identification and utilization easy.

This is a perfect “before” of the way we find computers setup by the “other guys”. Make note of the spaghetti mess of cables and wires. With machines on the floor they are in the danger zone! Machines left set up that way are at greater risk from being kicked and knocked around by the staff and general public. The fans necessary for cooling the machine pick up more dirt and debris from this set up also- causing damage, slowing down performance, and shortening the overall life of the machine.

And this is the after of that same setup. Notice the clean install with the equipment mounted off the floor to avoid damage from static and accidental bumping by staff and public. No visible cables and power cords are another detail that set us apart from the rest.

Medical/Dental Office

PC Solutions designed time saving solutions for this practice, centering on quick and easy access to records, films and digital media.  Fully networked workstations allow staff flexibility in the practice.

PC Solutions takes the time to find out how the equipment will be used, so we can recommend the best fit for wall mounts and technology.

Each room in the office may have different needs. We build our recommendations around those needs and customize as customer use demands.

Another clean and well organized solution for this busy office. Keeping the cables all together and organized gives it a finished professional look.

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