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You may not think your small business is vulnerable to cyber-attacks, but ransomware criminals often attack small and medium size businesses. Consider the information your business holds: employees’ personal information, customer information, bank account data, intellectual property, and more. Your business could even act as a gateway for hackers to access larger corporations that you are aligned with.

  • 58% of downtime incidents are caused by human error alone. Natural disaster account for only 10% of downtime.
    (Enterprise and the Cost of Downtime, Independent Oracle User Group, 2012)
  • Most of the ransomware attacks that have taken place in the past have been linked to poor protection practices by employees.
    (Norton by Symantec)

Cyber criminals strategically target small businesses, like yours, because they know many believe they are nearly immune to cyber-attacks. This results in not taking the security measures that large corporations do, creating an extremely vulnerable and easy target.

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