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Maintenance Agreements

Since 1992, PC Solutions has been providing responsive computer hardware and software maintenance and support services to customers in Jackson and surrounding areas.  Many of our customers take advantage of our remote support options,  so we can help customers across the U.S.

Our maintenance and repair services by certified technicians and network specialists are available in several ways:

    1. Maintenance Agreements  – We work with customer monitoring, monthly and yearly servicing for work Maintenance Plans for your specific need
    2. Scheduled Maintenance is the proactive approach to minimizing and possibly avoiding unplanned downtime. On a scheduled basis we inspect and adjust or make repairs at times that are most convenient to you.
    3. Emergency Call Maintenance is probably the most familiar service. When something breaks or doesn’t work right when you need it most – call PC Solutions
    4. Drop Off Repair– Equipment repairs are done onsite in our retail store/service center for home users, small business and contract customers.  Items can be dropped off during retail hours for analysis and repair.  We are also an Acer authorized repair depot-we can provide warranty repairs on covered Acer products regardless of purchase location.


PC Solutions’ full time technicians are very experienced and have earned current certifications from Microsoft, Cisco and CompTIA.
PC Solutions provides computer hardware, software and networking solutions to businesses in the Mid-Michigan area.

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