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Managed Services is a term used to describe a new model of IT management.  The buzzword relating to IT Support today is “Managed Services”, and every day more and more businesses are switching from the old school Break-fix to Managed Services.  Managed services are a philosophical change in the way that your business deals with its technology. Instead of continuing with the tradition of break-fix (literally meaning waiting until your server, desktops or other critical device fails, then scrambling to fix them), a business operating with a managed service focuses on the prevention of these issues before they disrupt your employees, management and your clients.  If you’re falling behind in keeping up with critical tasks like monitoring backups, installing updates and security patches, the odds greatly increase that you’ll be faced with an IT outage or another serious problem down the road that will negatively impact your business!  When choosing between managed and break fix IT models, you should consider how much your business’ survival depends on your IT and how much an IT problem will cost your business in lost productivity and downtime.

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