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Over the past few years I had experienced problems with my home computer. This was very frustrating to say the least, because I do a lot of graphics work and I needed a computer I could depend on. Every problem I had seemed to multiply. When one problem arose it would eventually lead to other problems until it got to the point where it would greatly affect the finished job. Frustrated to say the least, I decided to hopefully find a computer repair business could handle my problems and do so in a language that I could understand.

The name PC Solutions was given to me by a friend who had success using them in the past. Because of my many experiences with having my computer repaired I was very skeptical at first, however, that didn’t last long. When I took the computer to PC Solutions I was greeted by people who were willing to help me understand my problems and in turn agreed to do everything possible to repair the computer.

PC Solutions did a wonderful job. The computer was repaired completely to my satisfaction. In fact so much so that I decided to keep it as an extra and buy a new one from them with a little more graphic capabilities. My experience with PC Solutions was very rewarding.  The staff is friendly and the technicians know what they are doing. I would definitely recommend PC Solutions to anyone in the future.


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