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“When you operate a business, you rely on having access to your data at all times. Someone once asked me ‘How long would it take for you to restore your data if the network crashed or if it was compromised by a virus or hacker?’ I was sure my backup plan would work, but I decided to test it. I assumed that I would be back up to the same state in a matter of minutes. What I discovered was much worse! Not only did it take several hours, but some parts of my network were going to take days to recover, and other parts were lost completely.

The good news is that I would be able to get back up and running. But I had to ask myself, was it worth the risk? I had to look at the REAL cost. My organization would be down for hours, some data would need to be rebuilt from scratch, then there is the loss of confidence by my customers, and even some of my staff….. The answer was it could ruin my business! There HAD to be a better solution.

I have insurance on cars, insurance on the building, and insurance on the business, so why didn’t I have insurance for my very important, irreplaceable data?

This is when I started looking into options for a Backup Disaster Recovery plan that would protect my business. I worked with the team at PC Solutions to look at the options on the market and decided that AppAssure was the best fit for my business.

Unlike some insurance that you get and never use, I use this often. If I’m going to replace a piece of hardware, I can put the new hardware in place and make sure it’s running smoothly before I make the switch. I can use it from a recovery standpoint and go back to a specific period of time to instantaneously get a piece of data.

A real world example – I have had employees decide to leave, but not without causing damage and deleting information off the computers.   I was able to go back to before and restore the data. It’s a great fraud protection!

It’s also a perfect platform to test new software or software upgrades.   With AppAssure we are able to move our database over to a spare server and do software changes on that server. This allows for tests, changes and tweaks while my business continues unaffected. If it’s determined that it’s a bad product or not ready yet, I’m not forced to keep going forward with it and have it affect business.

Speed is another big perk of AppAssure. With our previous backup system we would experience a couple hours during the day and up to 6 hours once a week that it would run a backup and slow everything down. I could still access the data, but it felt like it was crawling along. With AppAssure it’s almost instantaneous because it is so redundant and being done so often-you don’t even notice it. AppAssure makes our Disaster Recovery Plan very simple…all I need to get the business back up and running is an internet connection. Everybody says they have a backup and drives but do they understand how difficult and time consuming that way is to recover data? Appasure also takes the human element out of the backup process. If you have a backup drive sitting next to your server and there is a fire, your failsafe is just part of the ashes! If my building burned down tomorrow I don’t have to be out of business while I find a unique facility to house my servers and internal infrastructure. For my temporary site all I need is the internet and everything can be done from the cloud!

The biggest benefit of AppAssure is peace of mind-I know my data is safe. With AppAssure it’s more than just being protected, my data is completely and quickly recoverable! Let the expert team at PC Solutions help you find the best Backup Disaster Recovery plan for your business. You will be glad you did!”


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