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3 Reasons Why a VoIP Phone System is Right for Your Business

You’ve heard the term “VoIP” but probably aren’t really sure what it is or if your business needs it. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is a category of phone system. Instead of routing calls through telephone wires, like traditional landlines, VoIP systems transmit calls over the Internet right to your phone.

How customers contact you and how you use the phone is the exact same as it has been since the day the telephone was invented – you just pick up the phone. You won’t notice the difference in the core functionality of how the calls are routed, but you will experience a huge improvement with the versatility your VoIP system provides your business.

Increased Functionality

By utilizing the Internet to transmit calls, VoIP systems have awesome features that increase the functionality of your phone system, internally and externally. One of these is auto attendant, which serves as a virtual receptionist, allowing callers to be connected to their desired party without going through a physical person. Since each phone comes with its own extension and voicemail box, every employee can be easily reached by incoming calls. This feature is beneficial for companies who don’t have the capacity to hire a full-time receptionist and great for calls that come in after hours.

For companies with multiple offices, a VoIP system allows them to have one centralized receptionist. The interconnected system enables incoming calls to be transferred to another office with the press of a button. The programmable buttons on each phone makes transferring calls to another number simple. This is especially helpful if a business frequently gets calls for the wrong number, or if customers call your business instead of a sister company. 

Enhanced Communications

Today’s business climate is no longer nine to five, Monday through Friday. It’s any time your customers need you. VoIP provides the tools to succeed in this type of environment, bringing office communications wherever you go. Whether that’s forwarding calls to your cell phone, or transcribing voicemails to email and text message, VoIP works wherever you are. The next time you are on an important call but need to leave the office, just transfer the call right to your cell phone. VoIP is ideal if you ever need to work remotely. Simply take your desk phone with you and plug it into any internet-enabled ethernet cable to be connected with the office as though you were there.

Lower Costs

VoIP is an excellent way to reduce communication costs, while adding features not available on traditional phone lines. Keeping up with the latest communication systems is important because advancements can add real value to your business operations. With traditional landlines, upgrading your phones is costly because you must pay for all the devices upfront.

When switching to a VoIP phone system from PC Solutions, there’s no upfront cost for buying equipment. Instead, your company will have a small, manageable monthly fee for the service and equipment.

Evolve Program

PC Solutions’ Evolve program is a great way to keep your business current, while keeping your costs down. With this program you’ll get new, upgraded phones every 36 months, guaranteeing you’ll have the latest firmware and hardware updates. Each phone is backed by a lifetime warranty, so if anything happens before your upgrade, it will be fixed or replaced at no cost to you. Unlike most VoIP contracts, PC Solutions’ is only 12 months. Once the contract has ended, your service will be on a month-to-month basis.

To create the best plan, our experts will assess your company’s needs and make recommendations based on our findings for the type of phones and number of internal and external lines needed. We offer several types of phones, from desktop to cordless. Each is Bluetooth enabled, has programmable buttons and colored LCD screen.

With increased functionality, enhanced communications and lower costs, VoIP is the leading option for many companies. These are just three of the benefits that you will receive when you switch from a traditional landline to a VoIP phone system. For more information and a free consultation and estimate, contact PC Solutions today!


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